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web development

Fast Web Unleashed has chose PHP, MySQL, data-store, and it's own core to be the technology stack for it's web development. Over the past decade, PHP and MySQL have been performance leaders with a track record of being stable and scaleable. Where others have failed, leaving the developments behind, these technology continue to run day after day far beyond their creation and development efforts.

database backend

While databases are slower than there data-store counterparts, MySQL has critical features required for data-integrity and offers a low-cost, high-performance alternative to Microsoft SQL. With year 2000 hype behind us, MySQL continues to be a leader and obvious choice for budget conscious clients.

high-speed sites

Fast Web Unleashed is new code for a reason. Other technologies like Wordpress, Drupal, and DotNetNuke are feature rich, but carry more baggage than Ariana Grande going to Hawaii. If you want a high-speed site that has the right amount of features, Fast Web Unleashed is there. Otherwise, you'll be pumping your 16-core cloud server with bloated code and poor performance.


Fast Web Unleashed has tried hosted services, co-located services, on-site high bandwidth connections, and cloud offering. They are confusing and sometimes difficult to compare. Leverage our knowledge for your next project.


Fast Web Unleashed embraces cloud-technology for it's flexible performance and cost.

small and medium business

Being a startup is exciting and growing a business is rewarding at times. Fast Web Unleashed looks forward to working with your business.

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